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This week’s Tax agent blog is written by Andrew Laing. Andrew is part of the Government Gateway Transformation Programme and would like to tell you about upcoming changes to how agents manage their client lists online.

Agents have historically only been able to manage their client lists by going to the Government Gateway website. As part of our transformation work we have developed the option for this to be done within HMRC services. Our user research says, you think this is a good thing and we have also made some improvements to the layout and feel of functions so that it looks and behaves more like other HMRC services.

The changes will be delivered on the 26 February 2018. When you login through HMRC services: sign in or register. As an agent the “your account” section will enable you to directly manage your client lists. We are also enhancing the screens for enrolling and de-enrolling from services which will be accessed via “your home page”.

Please be assured that whilst these changes are in process you will still be able to use the Government Gateway website. Once we are comfortable the changes have been successful and users are happy, we will look to close down the service to manage client lists via Government Gateway for HMRC services.

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  1. Comment by Jodie posted on

    client list disappeared from government gateway, not showing as described above in HMRC online 'My Account' - so yet another example of HMRC screwing things up...again!

  2. Comment by Nicola Roby posted on

    Unable to use Government gateway and service to manage clients isn't yet available through HMRC services - sign in.
    No new clients can be added to our list


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