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HMRC Library – update on transition to GOV.UK

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Back in July we let you know that we had started to transition the content from HMRC’s Library to GOV.UK. Here’s a quick run through of how we’ve been getting on with that.

Since the last update we’ve completed:

  • Customs Information Papers
  • Draft legislation
  • Tax Information Exchange Agreements
  • Anti-Dumping Duty measures
  • Extra-Statutory Concessions
  • Excise Information Sheets
  • Joint VAT Consultative Committee
  • VAT Notices (numerical and alphabetical)
  • VAT Notes
  • VAT Information Sheets
  • Statements of Practice
  • Tariff Notices
  • Tariff Stop Press Notices
  • Tariff Quota Notices
  • CFSP technical specification messages
  • Rates and allowances
  • Better Regulations
  • Revenue and Customs Briefs

In the next week or so we will transition:

  • Excise Notices
  • Research Reports
  • Remaining Public Notices

Then next in line will be:

  • Leaflets and booklets
  • Specialist publications
  • Banking Code of Practice
  • Tax treaties / co-operation agreements

We’ll blog again in a few weeks to keep you up to date with progress.


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