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CIS repayments agent workshop

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Last Thursday I attended the agent workshop on CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) Repayments. In addition to all the HMRC specialists, there was a good attendance from agents, some representing their professional rep bodies and some independent practitioners representing their local Working Together groups. They were all keen to share their anecdotal experiences of how the process had worked this year.

The processing delays this year were discussed at some length and at times in a lively fashion! It was clear that issues could have been better communicated. A key learning point for HMRC was that they should manage expectations about repayment turnaround times during peak periods and recognise that HMRC delays cause real problems for them.

Personal Tax Operations, who have operational responsibility for CIS processing, gave the workshop a good explanation of the up front investment they have put in to getting things right for processing the 2013/14 repayments next year. Real Time Information means that we will be able to start processing CIS repayment claims a month earlier next year, so in mid May rather than mid June. As well as this, PT Ops are confident that as long as forecast receipts are the same as in previous years, they now have enough staff trained up to deal with the initial post on hand within the first few weeks of processing so the aim is to be working post on the day of receipt from mid June so meeting the published 15 day turnaround from then.

We’ve agreed to hold a further workshop to look at process for 2014/15 repayments in early 2014 so I’ll let you know what happens then.

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  1. Comment by Matthew Herring posted on

    Agree that communication is key.
    Not getting the repayment in a timely fashion causes its own problems, but not knowing when to start chasing or being able to manage client expectations can cause as many problems, and does cause more work and worry.

  2. Comment by Tina Riches posted on

    Managing expectations is crucial - it's a key part of the service as if done well it will reduce 'noise', post and calls.

  3. Comment by Gary Richards posted on

    It is frustrating that Agent Authorisation for Payrolls is not automatically extended to CIS. We have had a number of requests for Corporate CIS refunds returned on the basis that we have not completed the correct version of 64-8. It is irritating to penalise tax-payers by withholding their over-paid tax on the back of a bureacratic rule.

  4. Comment by Ruth Bulteel posted on

    Thank you for your comments. The workshop last month definitely highlighted the importance of HMRC communicating better, especially where there are going to be delays in processing repayments. Managing expectations is something we have taken on board and we hope to be in a position to publish very clear timelines for standard repayments during the 2014 repayment cycle.