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Registration for payrolling benefits and expenses

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If your clients are considering payrolling expenses and benefits, they will need to register with our payrolling benefits and expenses online service. They will have to do this before the start of the first tax year for which they want to payroll in.

They can do this now for 2017-18 onwards, giving them time to check their software and inform their employees before 6 April 2017. If they already use the service and want to continue, there's no need to register again.

Using the online service for payrolling your benefits and expenses means you may not have to submit a form P11D.

You must tell HMRC which benefits you want to payroll during the registration process. The tax codes for all employees receiving these benefits will be amended, unless you exclude any employees you do not want to payroll benefits for, in the online service.

You could avoid having to submit P11Ds in future if you register before 6 April to use our payrolling service. Payrolling is easy to do, and makes life easier for employees as they pay the right tax at the right time.

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