First manual now available on GOV.UK

Last month I blogged about the move of agents’ guidance to GOV.UK, how to make sure you stay up to date with news and our plans for moving our manuals to GOV.UK later this year.

We’ve now published a trial (beta) version of the first HMRC manual on GOV.UK – VAT Government and Public Bodies. Follow the link here for more information and let us know what you think. First HMRC manual on GOV.UK – give us your feedback | Inside GOV.UK


  1. Comment by Clara Snow posted on

    I have had cause this week to look for a piece of guidance published in 2013 by HMRC. When you search for it you are told that it has been archived and can see it through the UK Government web archive.

    Given this guidance is not old my question is, has this guidance been archived as a result of the move of materials to and is therefore still good or has it been archived for other reasons. Is there a policy to archive certain materials in the move across to


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      Comment by Toni Clark posted on

      When transitioning content from the HMRC website to GOV.UK we assessed the on-going ‘user need’ for each page. Where there was a clear need we moved the page across, in many cases ‘as is’ but in some cases we took the opportunity to refresh and improve the content. Where there was no clear user need for a page, we archived it to the National Archive website.
      In both cases we put in place ‘redirects’ so that any users who had bookmarked a page would be taken to either the new location on GOV.UK or a copy of the old page on the National Archive. In this specific instance it would be good to know the page that was being accessed. If in hindsight it becomes clear that we have archived a page that does have an on-going user need, we’ll re-instate that page on the GOV.UK website


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