Debt Management & Banking – Agent Dedicated Line

We are pleased to tell you that a new Enforcement & Compliance, Debt Management & Banking (DMB) Agent Dedicated Line opens today, 28 April 2014.

As its name suggests, this helpline is intended for the sole use of agents with queries about debt management and banking – and you can use it to get a priority service.

The telephone number is: 0300 200 3887

Opening times are 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday

For Self Assessment and Tax Credit queries, lines are also open from 8am to 4pm on Saturday and Sunday

We hope you find this service useful.


  1. Comment by Christine Conway posted on

    I have just called them and spoken to a very helpful gentleman who helped me work through how a problem had arisen. Unfortunately, he was then not able to correct the problem and has sent me back to the Employers Helpline and I'm currently sat in a queue wondering if I am going to go round in the usual circles. Not much point provided an Agent service if they can't actually action anything!

  2. Comment by Jonathan Brady posted on

    This is good news! Hopefully the program is run efficiently and becomes a helpful service for tax advisers. Specifically, it should help alleviate issues concerning debt management.

  3. Comment by Ian Stacey posted on

    Thought this was a great idea - tried calling and explained the issue with regard to a PAYE demand when a prior year overpayment due to CIS should have been re-allocated to clear the underpayment - they can see the prior year overpayment being "cleared" but cannot tell me how it has been treated or allocated - that is a different system so suggested I call the Employer Helpline - 3 attempts today - everytime I got hung up on as system busy. Not such a great idea after all. They will make a note of my call but can't stop the letters being sent to my client.

    • Replies to Ian Stacey>

      Comment by ruthbulteel posted on

      Thank you for your comments.
      This Agent Dedicated Line allows agents to have a clear and prioritised route into HMRC’s Debt Management and Banking. But you should only use it if your clients are having difficulty paying the tax due, in full and on time.

      If your query relates to an issue that originally caused the debt you may still need to talk to the appropriate helpline, which in this case was the Employer Helpline.

  4. Comment by Stephen Chevern posted on

    As with many phone calls to HMRC, a waste of time.
    Our client paid over £8K on time end the end on January online but the reference was noted was slightly wrong with a 1 in front of the 10 digits.
    Our first call to HMRC was on 24 March when we realised the problem as the debt showed as outstanding and we were told that tracing could take up to 6 weeks.
    Today more than 6 weeks later we are told that there is still no news.

    This is very stressful to the client and an unacceptable level of service. All the HMRC agent could do is look at the notes and send an e mail request for an update.

    The problem with these contact numbers is that the call is taken by a service agent but not the office or department that actually does the work. I resist telephoning and certainly never return any calls from debt management left on the answering machine just after 8am.


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