Statutory Maternity and Paternity Pay and Disguised Remuneration Talking Points

We have two more meetings coming up this week.

Disguised Remuneration - Addressing common issues: This webinar will address some of the common issues that have been raised, relating to Disguised Remuneration and the loan charge, including settlement with HMRC.

Tuesday 1 May - midday to 1pm                               Register now


Statutory Maternity and Paternity Pay: This is the first time we are running this webinar for agents designed to provide guidance on what payments can be made and how to work them out. HMRC subject matter experts will be online during the meeting to take your questions.

Friday 4 May - midday to 1pm                                 Register now


We hold our Talking Points meetings every week and we're always looking for ideas on what you want to hear about. Please email your suggestions to:

You can also view some of our previous meetings on GOV.UK and there are several toolkits that you may find useful.

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