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Talking Points Meetings

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Welcome to my weekly blog about this week’s Talking Points meetings, which cover three different subjects.

The Requirement to Correct and other offshore tax developments

This meeting will provide agents with an understanding of the technical aspects of the Requirement to Correct. We want to help agents support clients to make disclosures and get it right first time.

The meeting will cover:

  • offshore property and rental
  • offshore investments and dividends
  • exchange rates when converting offshore income to Sterling
  • offshore penalties
  • non-statutory clearance
  • Requirement to Correct.

Tuesday 23 January – 1pm to 2pm                        Register now


Capital allowances and vehicles

Did you know you might be able to claim capital allowances on items you use in your business?

In most cases, you can deduct the full cost of these items from your profits before tax using the, Annual investment allowance.

Due to the popularity of this subject, we are running two meetings, both of which cover:

  • how to claim tax relief for vehicles including the special rules for cars
  • how to claim for other items that you keep to use in your business.

Wednesday 24 January - 11am to midday             Register now

Wednesday 24 January - 1pm to 2pm                    Register now

Negligible value claims and Share loss relief

This Talking Points meeting will provide an introduction to negligible value claims and share loss relief. We will be looking at certain conditions that must be met for your client’s to claim that an asset has become of negligible value.

The meeting will also provide an overview of Share loss relief, including some of the main conditions that must be met to make a claim, how and when to claim the relief and how it is given.

Thursday 25 January - midday to 1pm              Register now


Get involved

You can ask questions, either before the meeting to the email address below or on the day using the onscreen text box.

Talking Points are based on your suggestions and feedback which can be sent to,

For help at a time that suits you we also have a selection of recorded  Talking Points meetings.

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