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Agent Toolkits - are you using them?

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I know I’ve talked before about the Tax Agent Toolkits and how popular they are but have you had time to look at what they offer?

Here’s why you should take a few minutes to look at the full list of toolkits available at the bottom of the Tax Agent Toolkits page. Why not add this page to your shortcuts?

Every one of our 20 Toolkits is refreshed at least annually, and this month we updated:

Business Profits Toolkit

VAT Input Toolkit

VAT Output Toolkit

VAT Partial Exemption Toolkit

Each toolkit contains:

  • a checklist to help you to address the areas of possible error that HMRC identifies as key
  • explanatory notes which identify the underlying types of error, how to mitigate them. and a brief outline of the tax treatment (it is recommended that you review these notes even if you are confident about answering the questions in the checklist)
  • cross references linking to the relevant guidance available online so you can easily find more detailed guidance.

And the toolkit can be used:

  • as a straightforward checklist
  • to complement or check and refresh your existing processes
  • as a training aid for your staff.

Each toolkit is a free PDF download that can be saved or printed for your records, but remember to download directly from the website each time to make sure you have the most recent version.

So why not have a look and see how they can help you?

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